Editorial Guidelines

At Tapered, we are committed to empowering men of all backgrounds to look and feel their best. Our editorial content echoes this mission by providing our readers with reliable, practical, and expert-backed content about personal care and fitness.

Our brand provides you with the insights you need to make confident decisions about your personal care routine, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Our Brand's Editorial Vision

Our editorial team is dedicated to publishing insightful content that offers the tools, strategies, and perspectives that active men need to maintain their skin health and overall physical wellness as efficiently and intelligently as possible. We ensure that our content meets and maintains our high standards via the following North Star objectives:

Accurate: We adhere to a meticulous fact-checking process that includes regular content updates to ensure our information is both relevant and current.

Authoritative: We regularly consult with subject matter experts in the fields of dermatology, nutrition, and fitness to ensure that our content is rich, thoughtful, and original.

Actionable: We prioritize creating assets that highlight practical tips and routines, providing our readers with information that is actionable, not just theoretical.

In doing so, we aim to be your trusted partner in navigating personal care challenges, equipping you with the knowledge to tackle insecurities and enhance your confidence. Our commitment to providing bold, brave, and informative content will guide you on your journey to achieve and maintain the healthy, vibrant skin you deserve.


The Editorial Team

Tamba Monrose: Tamba is the founder of Tapered.  He created the brand and its products after realizing there was no brand out dedicated to the needs of athletic men.  Tamba holds a Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering, which he earned from MIT in 2016.